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Medicurve manufactures superior single-use protective personal equipment (PPEs) and our products are made with the finest material in the world to ensure that we provide optimum level of performance in protection, breathability and comforts to the wearers.

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Your Protection • Our Priority

When it comes to personal health, there can be no compromise on authenticity. Where life is concerned, only the best is acceptable. Medicurve continues to provide the best protective medical equipment. Internationally trusted to supply over 16 million high-grade masks throughout Asia Pacific, every month. That’s half of all Malaysians or three times Singapore.Production standards remain the differentiating factor that separates an unsafe product from a safe one. Every step of the manufacturing process is monitored to ensure total sanitation. Medicurve’s surgical 3-ply masks are produced and handled by trained staff in fully sterilised outfits only in medical grade clean rooms. Medicurve’s production standards ensure that every item that leaves our production lines is made clean, with medically graded materials, and most importantly provides the protection it promises.

Why Medicurve

Our popularity and recognition, just ask our partners. Medicurve supplies millions of quality face masks internationally. Our products assure that factories continue to meet standards of operation. Medicurve supplies to big brand pharmacies and personal care franchises. Our face masks are also trusted amongst kindergartens and medical professionals alike. Only the highest standards of material, production, and product. Most importantly Medicurve face masks protect you.