June 04, 2021

CM Chow visits EMCO-imposed areas in Bayan Lepas

Furong County has been designated as a high-risk area for the new coronavirus, leading to the implementation of a conditional movement control order. In light of this situation, MediCurve has stepped forward to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by donating 10,000 masks to the Seremban Congressman Service Center. The masks will be distributed to the local community in order to help protect them from the virus.

Chow, positioned in the front row and third from the right, is handing over a box of hand sanitizers to Anbalagan.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the lives of people around the world, and Malaysia has not been spared. In Negeri Sembilan, the number of confirmed cases has remained high, and Seremban County has been particularly hard hit. This has created a sense of urgency among local businesses and organizations to take action and contribute to the community’s fight against the virus.

MediCurve, a responsible corporate entity, has decided to do its part by donating 10,000 masks to the Seremban Congressman Service Center for distribution to the local people. This is a commendable gesture, as it shows the company’s commitment to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and supporting the community in this difficult time.

The masks donated by MediCurve will be a valuable resource for local residents who may not have access to adequate protective gear. With the ongoing spread of the virus, wearing masks has become an essential precaution to reduce the risk of infection. The donation of masks by MediCurve will undoubtedly help to protect the local community and prevent the further spread of the epidemic in Negeri Sembilan.

Given the persistent surge of the epidemic in Negeri Negeri, the Seremban Members of Parliament Service Center earnestly implores citizens to adhere to the standard operating procedures as established by the National Security Council. It is crucial that individuals stay at home unless absolutely necessary. When venturing outdoors, families must limit outings to two people at a time. Let us all do our part to keep ourselves and our communities safe during these trying times.

The Seremban Members of Parliament Service Center is optimistic that MediCurve’s act of generosity in donating masks to those in need will serve as a shining example for other companies to follow, ultimately resulting in more widespread and meaningful donations to those who require them the most.

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